Eligibility Tracker

This eligibility tracker is an automated system which is advisory and is based on each participant's activity level in the chat room. As it is automated, it does not take any external influences into consideration that may have otherwise adversely affected anybody's level of participation or engagement in the chat room, such as sickness or holidays.

Any final decision on eligibility is made by a human after also taking into consideration any outside factors that may have affected anybody's participation.

This table is updated nightly, and 12 qualifying days per rolling 30 day cycle are required to ensure continued eligibility. Anybody at risk for more than 30 consecutive days will be deemed ineligible unless special circumstances apply. Hover over a participant in the list below to see the date their status was last changed.

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Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence

The Sound Of Silence won Edition 130, held in Tildemarte.
It scored 88 points and gave Flippy their 3rd victory.


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